Apr 19, 2012

Burned Furniture in Improper Bostonian- Go Figure!

I'm so pleased to have a paragraph and a few pictures of my woodburned pieces included in
" Boston's Etsy Entrepreneurs" in the April  Home edition of the Improper Bostonian magazine.
 A few of my pieces took part in a photo shoot in downtown Boston, as well.  Here's the article!

April 11-24, 2012

1 comment:

Els said...

Ahhhh Cecilia! I'm só glad I found you again ...!
Don't know what happened, but I could only find a kind of album with lots and lots of pictures. Fun, but I couldn't keep track of you or comment ...
Congratulations on the article !!!
You deserve it ofcourse, but you might get new customers that way.
LOVE that big picture of the table !!!!!